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Intro: Teacher Sherry-Lee Collins

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1. Talk 915 - From 01/01/2019 To 01/01/2023

- Details: Teaching ESL to Chinese and European students aged 5-12 years old to improve vocabulary, articulation and

diction. • Teaching lessons encompassing a range of skill building activities for speaking, reading and writing that

focuses on English enlightenment. • Assessing students progress and writing

2. Bedakid - From 01/01/2023 To 07/25/2023

- Details: Focuses on English enlightenment. • Assessing students progress and writing reports and feedback. • Creating various ESL lesson plans for free talk with students and being proficient in developing activities , tools

and methods to help students learn English in different and unique ways. • Effectively maintain the interest and provide an interactive atmosphere, enabling students to significantly

hone learning skills. • Attending professional teaching style and development workshops focused on learning goals and classroom

management. • Using online platforms(zoom /classin/Skype


  • THE ACADEMY OF GUILDS DESIGN COLLEGE Bachelor's Degree in Architecture and design


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

Thank you for popping in! In my class I like to use props, flashcards, and TPR to make the learning materials interesting and fun, I have been doing so for the past six years. I love working with children between the age of 6-12 years old as I enjoy helping them reach their full potential. I believe that no single-day learning is the same, as it should always be fun, educational, and full of smiles and creativity. My goal as your teacher would be to provide you with the vocabulary and grammatical structures needed for both school performance and everyday living. The method by which I would engage with each student is by speaking slowly, to ensure each learner understands me. My focus when teaching is to accompany speech with facial expressions, gestures, and visual clues which will make the language input comprehensible for each student, such as focusing on the development of language acquisition and cognitive language skills. This in return will provide your child the opportunity to grasp the social, and cultural aspects of the English language and key vocabulary items, through the teaching of songs, reading, spelling, and hands-on demonstrations, by expressing ideas on a wide range of topics. Thus, reinforcing positive influence by being friendly and empathetic to their needs. I would love to meet you and help you reach your English milestones.

Teacher Sherry-Lee's introduction:

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