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Intro: Teacher Sri

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Kinderhouse Preschool and Kindergarten Teacher

From 07/11/2023 to 03/13/2024

  • Teaching Nursery 2 students (ages 3-4).

  • Providing Monthly and Term reports.

Kynakids Online Teacher

From 05/16/2023 to 03/13/2024

  • Teaching private kids and teens (4-17 years old).

  • Providing students’ daily reports. Online English Teacher

From 01/06/2021 to 03/13/2024

  • Teaching private kids and teens (4-16 years old).

  • Teaching Semi-Private Kids and adults.

  • Teaching Business English to adults.

  • Teaching Corporate class pre-beginner for the orphanage.

  • Teaching Corporate classes for several primary schools all over Indonesia (Associated with SGM Tbk).

  • Teaching Corporate class kids Sele Raya Agri (Kalimantan) and Corporate class adult Nusa Tenggara Barat (Associated with government).

  • Providing students’ daily reports. Communicate with parents about the student’s progress as needed.

Kinderhouse Preschool and Kindergarten Teacher

From 06/11/2019 to 12/21/2020

  • Monitored physical and emotional child development, logging individual progress and communicating to family members.

  • Provided positive classroom experiences with creative, engaging learning through play activities.

  • Maintained a clean, tidy classroom environment for optimal child safety and comfort.

Bandung Montessori School Teacher

From 04/17/2014 to 09/27/2015

  • Delivered hands-on, active learning schemes, enabling student self-discovery.

  • Promoted self-led learning, providing support and guidance as needed to build student self-confidence.

  • Increased student satisfaction by frequently communicating with students about needs and adapting lessons to interests and classroom progress.


  University of Muhammadiyah Prof. Dr. Hamka, Jakarta, Indonesia.

  • Bachelor of English Education


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

Hello there, I'm teacher Sri~ I have a bachelor's degree in English Literature, TESOL* certification, and several years of experience teaching in private schools as Montessori and preschool teacher. I've been teaching 7.000+ online classes of General English for kids, teens, and adults. Let's have some interactive and challenging classes together. Can't wait to help you improve your English skills, see you!

Teacher Sri's introduction:

Teaching certificate:


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