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Intro: Teacher Viv

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  1. English Specialist Teacher, Librarian, Art Teacher in Winston Park Primary School, Durban - From 01/01/2002 To 06/10/2018 - Details: English Specialist Teacher Librarian Art Teacher ESL student facilitator (African students).

  2. Online English Tutor - children and adults at 51 Talk, Philippines (Online) - From 01/02/2019 To 06/11/2019 - Details: ESL Online English Tutor 98.5 positive rating Children and Adults.

  3. Online English Tutor in Turkey (online - remote) - From 03/01/2019 To 06/11/2019 - Details: English Online Tutor (Chinese children and adults).

  4. Online ESL English Teacher in Oikid (Taiwan) Online - From 05/01/2019 To 06/11/2019 - Details: Online English teacher for children.


  • University of Kwa - Zulu Natal, Durban. Bachelor of English and Educational Psychology.

  • The TEFL Professional Development Institute: English ESL certificate.


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

Good day!

My name is Vivi, and I am an English Teacher. I am a born and bred English speaker, originally from the UK.

I have been a teacher for over 25 years. I graduated with a 4 year Bachelor of Primary Education degree from the University.

I also hold an international TEFL qualification. I worked in my previous job for 17 years. Which seems like a lifetime!

In this job, I performed the role of School Librarian, Specialist English Teacher and the most fun part of my job was that I was an Art Teacher too!

💬 Teaching Style:

  • That means that I am very creative, and like to think of things differently.

So I often bring art or creativity into my English lessons

  • Being a Librarian also means that I am PASSIONATE about reading. The best way to help someone improve their English is by creating a love of reading. So I am going to try to foster a love of reading with all the students that I may teach – children or adults ALIKE!

  • I like lessons to be interesting, and I have excellent general knowledge, so students will always learn something extra in my lessons

  • I have a great love for the English language, so I love teaching English spelling, punctuation, and grammar, and creative writing. I am also passionate about teaching everyday expressions, and I love teaching conversational English

  • I consider myself a lifelong learner. My husband and I love travelling all over Africa. We love wildlife and I bring many interesting facts from my experiences and knowledge of the world to my lessons.

  • In fact, we have seen all the animals from the Lion King and the Jungle Book.

  • I am a friendly and passionate teacher, who has a very good sense of humour. I always take an interest in every INDIVIDUAL student's life experience, personality and learning needs.

Introduction Video:

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