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Shark Linh shares the secret of teaching English for her children

The more languages kids know, the more flexible and creative they get. Research shows that learning a second language also enhances problem solving, critical thinking, listening skills, improves memory, concentration and multitasking. Exposing children to a foreign language is the "key" of early language education. Therefore, not only parents, but as a mother, shark Linh always wants to give her children as many opportunities as possible to experience foreign languages from a young age. Let's accompany Schola Kids and listen to the precious sharing from Shark Linh!

In fact, there are many things that make Shark Thai Van Linh and many parents worried: Parents themselves are not teachers and do not have sufficient expertise and knowledge, so they do not know where to start or which curriculum is suitable for teaching children all four skills of English Listening - Speaking - Reading - Writing, sending your child to school, it is difficult to find a "standard" native language teacher at an appropriate fee, and if there is no flexibility in integrating the game Playing in lectures will cause boredom in children. According to Shark Linh: As a parent, you don't have to speak fluently in the language which your child is learning to create a positive environment that encourages them to learn a foreign language well. Instead, you can support your kids in a variety of ways so that he or she can develop at its best.

1) Building an English environment for children from a young age One of the easiest ways is to replace or alternate playtime with foreign language activities such as listening to music or listening to stories in native accents to stimulate the child's brain. If you want to support your child in learning English better, there are many teaching programs or applications suitable for children of different ages. Parents who do not speak English well can become their "real classmates". This is also a quality time with your child, helping her to be more interested in new language experiences.

2) Bring experiences and games to stimulate creativity and develop children's English reflexes: As parents, we have a responsibility to proactively give our children the opportunity to experience new and rewarding things. Try to replace your child's time watching TV or playing on the phone with activities or programs that use English. The "companion" of Linh family is the QR Schola Kids Smart Book which obtained Cambridge certificate to help children learn English through standard STEAM topics, interactive activities while learning and playing vividly to help train enough 4 skill. Schola also offers a "standard" pronunciation learning program with native speakers. When scanning the QR code on each page of the book, a video with a native teacher will appear and accompany your child to make the homework cards as well as correct mistakes. Interesting, isn't it?

Each page has a native teacher. So you just need to scan the QR code, put the code into your phone, there will be a standard pronunciation voice of a native teacher to guide your child.

The phonic part is arranged scientifically and methodically. The exercises are designed in the form of games to create excitement for children

The age from 3 to 10 years old in children is an appropriate time for parents and children to learn and experience many new things together. With learning English, parents should try Schola to help your child learn English more happily and effectively. Children are like sponges, they will absorb everything we do, everything we say, everything we bring, so the exposure, real experience is the "key" of study effectively.

Schola truly appreciate prescious sharring from Shark Linh!

Currently, Schola Smart English book has three sets for all ages and divided by the levels Starter, Mover, Flyer. For more information about the book, please INBOX fanpage or visit the website at:


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