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Intro: Teacher Analyn

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  1. 51 Talk Online ESL Teacher in Philippines

- From 11/09/2018 To 01/06/2022 - Details: Conducts a 25-minute and 50-minute session in a one on one and Group class setup with Chinese kids and adult students from beginners to advanced level.

2. Pantado Online ESL Teacher in Philippines

- From09/08/2021 To 01/06/2022 - Details: Teaching Vietnamese kids online and guiding them by evaluating their progress as well as providing corrective feedback


  • Adamson University Major: BS Computer Engineer Bachelor Degree


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

Hi! I'm Teacher Ana. I have more than three years of online experience teaching kids and adults ranging from beginner to advanced level.

I have a bachelors degree in Computer Engineering and a certified TEFL/ TESOL and TEYL teacher. It has always been my goal to provide a fun, informative and engaging lesson.

Teaching style:

  • I love to motivate my students and make learning a comfortable and enjoyable experience. For my kids class, I use colorful images, interesting materials and videos that makes them want to learn English.

  • So if you want to learn English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, Business English and IELTS then I would be very glad to help you. I’ll be very patient, caring and understanding to you.

  • See you soon and have a great day !

Teacher Analyn introduction Video:

Teaching Certificates:

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