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Intro: Teacher Nicola

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  1. Early Childhood Teacher in Ho Chi Minh City - From 08/01/2019 To 03/31/2020 - Details: Teaching children ages 2-4 phonics and vocabulary, reading, writing, conversational speaking, math, music, fitness and movement, art and crafts.

  2. Head Teacher in Ho Chi Minh City - From 05/01/2019 To 08/01/2020 - Details: Teaching English (language centre), teacher management, creating weekly teaching schedules, organising and coordinating events, teacher feedback and quality management.

  3. Teacher in Ho Chi Minh City - From 04/01/2018 To 04/30/2019 - Details: Teaching English (language centre): Kindergarten Program Ages 4-7 (Teaching students the alphabet and basic conversational skills through the use of interactive smartboard technology, crafts and games) Mid/Upper Level Program Ages 7-16 (Teaching students reading, writing and speaking skills using a holistic approach through the use of interactive smartboard technology).


  • Rhodes University Major: Environmental Science (Honours) Bachelor Degree


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

I am Teacher Nicola. I am a South African currently living in Vietnam.

I have a BA (Honours) in Environmental Science from Rhodes University and I am also TEFL certified.

Teaching is my passion and I have over 2 years’ experience. I have taught in language centres (children ages 2-17) and in an international preschool (children ages 2-4).

💬 Teaching Style:

  • In my class you will have lots of fun! I consider myself to be an energetic, gentle, and friendly teacher. I support and guide my students to ensure they reach their full potential through hard work and dedication.

Teacher Nicola introduction:

Teaching certificate:


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